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Troy graduated from Chattahoochee Tech (Atlanta, Georgia) in 2008, with a degree in video/ film production, and then went back for a degree Digital Media Arts degree.  He currently work as freelancer (10yrs) cinematographer and gaffer in Denver, Colorado.  He cut his teeth in the industry working in reality TV, since he has worked on various projects ranging from documentary style films, dozens of short films, 7 feature length films , and countless music videos.

Troy is an award winning DP with over 13yrs experience behind camera.  Starting as an AC then working his way up to cam OP/ director of Photography.  With hours of experience on cameras ranging from Arri, RED, Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Black Magic, etc.  He is both an Alexa mini LF & RED Dragon owner/ OP with various camera supports and package options.  For more info please, check out gear page.


Troy A. Ten Eyck

Director of Photography

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